Just a reminder regarding our parking lot plan that was created by Tyler a couple years ago.

We have since eliminated the need for Blue Zone 2, that has converted back to parking.

There is a friendly neighbor request that we do not park in front of this house and it is clearly marked with a red stripe as well as cones. School pick up and drop off are very busy times for our Keller neighbors, so lets work together to respect our neighbors

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The placement of Helen Keller within a small neighborhood is not without its fair share of issues when it comes to dropping off and picking up our kids.  The parking lot has become increasingly dangerous and there is a regular line of cars flowing out of the parking lot and into the neighborhoods causing a number of safety issues.  

Tyler Hacker, a Keller alumni, took on the massive undertaking of analyzing our current parking lot flow, proposing a new idea, and presenting it to the school administrators as well as city officials.  We are excited to say that the new plan is fully approved and ready for implementation.  Tyler will use this project as a way to earn his Eagle Scout rank.  Thank you again Tyler!

The new parking lot flow is broken out into 3 defined zones for both drop off and pickup.  We have assigned the zones according to grade level to spread out the congestion.  If your assigned zone does not legally or safely make sense for you and your family you may select an alternate zone.  Our main goal is to give you options to help disperse traffic more evenly so kids and parents stay safe.   

Questions/Concerns?  Please visit FAQ's below the following images

Thank you!

Thank you to the team of volunteers that gave up a Saturday morning to get all of the signs in place for the trial run on June 12!


Why are we making this change?

The parking lot has become increasingly dangerous.  Adults are parking in the fire lane and getting out of their cars, children are running unsupervised across 2 lanes of oncoming cars to get to their classroom, and traffic is backing up and stopping well outside of the Helen Keller parking lot onto 108th.  

Do I have to use the specified zone for my child or can I use any?

Please select the zone that makes the most sense for you and your family.  We recognize that the zone you are assigned to based upon the grade your child is in may not work best for your family based upon the direction you are coming.  

What if I have multiple children in different grades?  

If you have multiple children, your zone should be chosen based upon the youngest child.  

Am I required to use a zone to drop off and pick up my child or can I still park my car and walk to get my child?

Yes.  You may utilize the parking lot or any of the parking in the neighborhoods around Helen Keller.  Please ensure that you do not park and get out of your car if you are in any of the marked drop/off or pick up zones.

Where do I go after drop off or pick up on NE 140th Street - Zone 3?

Please turn left/north on 110th AVE NE and take the next left on NE 143rd St to Juanita Woodinville Way NE or turn left/north on 110th AVE NE which becomes 109th AVE NE to NE 145th AVE NE. It may take you an extra minute, but it will help avoid traffic congestion. 

Still have questions or concerns?  Please fill out the below form and we will get back to you with an answer.